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We are the national body representing the commercial road freight industry. Our aim is to help build a country in which the road freight industry, and the businesses and communities it serves, can grow and prosper.

Over 80% of road freight operators in New Zealand voluntarily belong to the Forum. Read more

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Wigram Airbase
27 August

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Huge improvements have been made in heavy vehicle road safety performance since the mid-1990s...Click here 


Trucks use diesel engines which are 20% to 25% more fuel efficient than petrol engines...Read More 

Women in Road Transport

Women in Road Transport works to promote the road transport sector as a preferred career option for women and to support women in the more

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Member Associations

The Road Transport Forum has six constituent associations spread throughout New Zealand. Four are grouped together as Road Transport Association NZ. They provide advocacy for their members at the regional and local level, offer business advice and negotiate highly favourable prices on a wide range of essential products and services. For more on each association and the services they offer to road freight operators, click on the logos.

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Occupation Health & Safety

For advice and guidance on how to work safely on and around trucks... Read More

Technical Information

Operating Requirements

Operator licensing standards, drivers licensing /training, driving hours and logbooks, vehicle registration and licensing, Road User Charges, Operator Safety Rating System.

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Vehicle Requirements

Mass and dimension rules, vehicle engineering and equipment, maintenance and inspection.

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Overdimension Overweight Requirements

Overdimension policy and guidelines, overweight policy and permits.

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Enforcement Protocols

CVIU, general and specific enforcement policies.

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Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods Rule and standards setting, HSNO Updates, National Security (MSA).

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Stock Transport / Logging

Livestock Code of Practice and animal welfare, operational and contracting equipment standards, logging safety management.

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Industry Safety Performance

Crash and speed data by section.

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