RTF in the News

One News (22/8/17): ‘We’re struggling’ – not everyone happy with election campaign lolly scramble of transport dollars

NZ Herald (9/8/17): Final weld placed on broken Kaikoura train line

Radio NZ (7/8/17): Auckland transport tug of war between Labour and National

Stuff (4/7/17): Death of Northland cyclist in crash with truck sparks road safety debate 

Hawke’s Bay Today (6/6/17): Bigger trucks mean fewer lorries on Napier Roads

Radio NZ (22/5/17): Broken bridge highlights freight fragility

NZ Herald (16/4/17): Road safety concerns prompt Government to put in $10m to keep Police truck, bus safety officers

DominionPost (13/4/17): Cyclist’s widow wants truck drivers to experience vulnerability her husband felt

Radio NZ (9/4/17): Police cuts risk road safety

DominionPost (22/2/17): Regional councillors set to debate the future of CentrePort 

Manawatu Standard (21/2/17): Reckless driving on gorge nothing new, claims truck lobbyist 

Radio NZ (9/2/17): The Panel – The slowness in clearing road accidents

TVNZ (9/2/17): Truck numbers explode on South Island Roads

TVNZ (8/12/16): Residents oppose new billion-dollar road earmarked for Auckland’s industrial south

TVNZ (3/12/16): Changes made to way goods are moved around NZ in wake of Kaikoura quake

ODT (23/11/16): Govt plans to rebuild SH1

Newstalk ZB (17/11/16): Ken talks to Mike Hosking about freight costs post-quake

One News (14/11/16): Main route into Kaikoura prone to more major slips

Nelson Mail (10/11/16): Stoke School Students Learn Important Safety lessons (RTANZ)

TVNZ Seven Sharp (8/11/16): The Hidden Effects of Crashes on Truck Drivers

TV3’s Story (3/8/16): Survival guide to driving around massive trucks (NZ Trucking Assn)

Northern Advocate (3/8/16): Road Carriers happy with news (NRC)

Gisborne Herald (28/7/16): Truckers putting safety first

NZ Herald (21/7/16): Trucks rarely to blame in fatality crashes

Radio NZ (15/7/16): Wave of drivers licences revoked after investigation

One News (14/7/16): Trucking industry has deep concerns over flawed NZ driver licensing

One News (30/6/16): What location could replace Auckland’s inner-city port?

NZ Herald (30/6/16): Shippers prefer Firth of Thames over Manukau to replace Auckland Port

Radio NZ (22/6/16): Reaction to Govt proposal for Auckland tolling

Chch Press (2/6/16): Spreading the word about truck safety (NZ Trucking Assn)

Northern Advocate (31/5/16): Driver shortage hitting local trucking businesses

Radio NZ (27/5/16): Low pay and long hours lead to truck crashes

Newshub (24/5/16): Greens plan to adopt rail, ships to move freight

One News (11/5/16): Whangarei residents demand safer roads after spate of serious log truck crashes

Northland Age (10/5/16): Trucking industry committed to Safer Journeys

Radio NZ (5/5/16): Truck rollovers