Economic Contribution

There’s a clear and direct relationship between economic growth and trucking activity. New Zealand research shows that a 1% growth in national output requires around a 1.4% increase in transport services.

As New Zealand’s economy expands trucks will be needed to keep the country growing. It is expected that trucks will still carry over 90% of all domestic freight in 2042.

Because of the vital role trucks play, changes in road transport charges have a direct impact on New Zealand’s economic performance. A 2002 study by Infometrics found that a 10% reduction in road transport freight rates would:

  • Create 33,000 new jobs
  • Increase GDP by 3.7%
  • Boost exports by 3.9% or more than $1.5 billion

A 10% increase in road freight rates would:

  • Cut 20,000 full time jobs
  • Reduce GDP by 1.6%
  • Cut exports by 1.7%

Road transport is particularly important to regional New Zealand and the export industries which drive these local economies. Trucks carry:

  • 95% of export fruit
  • 86% of export wool
  • 85% of export dairy products
  • 65% of export logs
  • 35% of export meat

Collectively these exports are worth nearly $21 billion a year in overseas earnings.