Fuel Distributors Industry Safety Committee

Fuel Distributors Industry Safety Committee


North and South Island Emergency Response Trailers

Emergency trailers, location and contacts

Any use is to be approved via either BP or McFall Fuel. Any used  items will be replenished and charged to the user. Industry members should not be reliant on these third party assets by writing them into ER plans.

2018 Submissions

Flammable gases and oxygen road tank wagons

Flammable liquids road tank wagons

Chairman’s Update (Feb 2017)

With our last update being November 2016 we have had a bit more action through the Workshop Group (see below), plus improved support from Worksafe in a couple of areas. Still lots to be achieved and there will be continual changes but we have truly got our feet under the table with awesome support and industry ears open, so a great beginning for this industry safety committee...(The rest of the update is available here).

Minutes from 27 September 2017 Committee meeting

Minutes from 6 April 2017 Committee Meeting

Chairman Update November 2016

Minutes from 24 November 2016 Committee meeting


Fuel Distributors Industry Safety Committee to deliver best practice

Mission Statement

“To provide a forum where fuel distributors and stakeholders can collaboratively work towards establishing best practice industry standards to ensure the safe, compliant and environmentally responsible delivery and storage of fuel.”

Above Ground Fuel Storage on Farms

The FDISC in-conjunction with Worksafe have commenced an industry review of the Best Practice Guideline ‘Above Ground Fuel Storage on Farms’ to ensure that the guidelines not only reflect changes in legislation, but also address operational concerns to clearly define the overlapping duties required of both fuel distributors and farmers to ensure the safe supply and storage of fuel on farms. Resources will be updated to reflect the outcome of the review.