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Calling Night-Time Drivers…

Have you got favourite tunes when you’re driving? There’s been an approach from Radio New Zealand which looks like a great opportunity to profile our best, friendly truck drivers and get the public to better understand how important we are. The DJ wants to do a series on what songs truck drivers listen to. He wants a brief chat to the truck driver and who they work for (good promotion), as well as what they listen to. GO ON!

Josie Vidal
Manager Communications and Government Relations
Road Transport Forum NZ

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Mel’s Story

Played at the 2018 RTF Conference tanker driver and WiRT member Mel Foot related this experience of being interviewed for a position in a road transport company. You can read more about Mel here.

Well done to Heidi Inkster of Truckstops Wellington for winning the recent Hino Skills Competition. You can read about Heidi’s success here

Women Behind the Wheel – Photo Comp

Congratulations to the 2017 Winners!

Show and Shine – Amy Edwards

Action Shot – Sheree Nield

Open Category – Brian Coxhead

People’s Choice – Amanda Bright

We need better rest stops!

We need your help Ladies. One of the WiRT objectives is to make the country’s rest stops a safer place for those of you out on the road, keeping the wheels turning.

Where are the best rest stops for trucks in New Zealand? – ones with good toilets, good parking and adequate lighting. If you have a favourite stop on your run, let us know. If there are some that need improving, share that with us too. We need your input to start the wheels of change turning so please add your comments below and let’s talk…!

Kiwi truckie says starring role in Volvo truck stunt was ‘hardcase’


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