Truck driver hero celebrated

It’s fair to say that 2020 has not been a great year for many people, with Covid-19 bringing fear, anxiety and lockdowns around the world. So, it’s good to know there are some local heroes out there focused on good works and keeping us safe. And after this annus horribilis, it was good to have … Read More

Know what you are voting for in cannabis referendum

A week out from the general election the Road Transport Forum (RTF) has made its final plea for people to be informed before stepping into the ballot box to vote on the cannabis referendum. I spoke about some of the unintended consequences of legalising recreational cannabis for safety sensitive industries at a road freight transport … Read More

Where’s the $1.4 billion for safer roads?

The new standing joke in the Road Transport Forum’s (RTF) office is that we will receive an email from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) saying, “Dear Nick, we have reduced the speed limit across all State Highways in New Zealand to 80km.” Of course, they wouldn’t be this direct because it would create massive … Read More

Hold politicians’ feet to the flame on promises

It’s election season and the promises are rolling in. Whoever the public of New Zealand vote in to lead us for the next three years, they must demand delivery on those promises. We are facing the most difficult three years ahead in many of our lifetimes – except those who have lived through wars. Covid-19 … Read More

General Election 2020 News

Clearing the haze on New Zealand’s cannabis referendum

RTF CE Nick Leggett spoke at a breakfast in Auckland exploring the cannabis referendum and potential issues for road freight transport from this law. You can see highlights from his presentation and the presentation of The Drug Detection Agency CEO Kirk Hardy here. 

Labour vs National on roads

Based on their recent records, there is little to choose between the two major parties on roading infrastructure says Stuff reporter Joel MacManus.


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