Infrastructure announcements will not save New Zealand’s economy

The penny is starting to drop that New Zealand is in a precarious economic position we may not recover from for decades. There’s a big difference between saying building infrastructure will contribute to New Zealand’s economic recovery from Covid-19, and the reality of the gap between announcement and creation of paying jobs. I’ve been quite … Read More

What Budget 2020 holds for trucking

What a difference a year and a global pandemic makes. The 2019 Budget delivered a $7 billion surplus, the 2020 Budget, a $28 billion deficit. Quite rightly, the 2020 Budget focuses on jobs as we look at about 1,000 people a day joining the unemployment queue. Many of these are people who have never been … Read More

Don’t let important issues get buried under Covid-19

With media around the world focused, it seems, solely on the subject of the global pandemic Covid-19, it is easy to forget that life goes on and there is a general election in New Zealand on 19 September 2020. On Friday last week, 1 May, Justice Minister Andrew Little released the complete and final version … Read More

Let’s revert to our Kiwi “can-do” reputation

What can we do to salvage the New Zealand economy from the scythe of Covid-19? At the moment, all we hear from Government is what we can’t do. We are told this very firmly, every day, at 1pm. If we try and do anything we can’t do, we are told there will be consequences – … Read More

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